How to Gain Respect on eHow and Keep It

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Things You’ll Need: You Computer Internet eHow Articles

Step 1

Write a few Articles to ESTABLISH a great base for fellow Friends to read and enjoy. Interesting helps… SILLY makes me ohh so Laugh… LAME=NO MONEY!!

Step 2

Make FRIENDS. Ask as many people as you can to be friends with you… SEND FRIEND REQUEST NOW!! Hello this is called Networking!! or just desperate…

Step 3


Step 4

MAKE COMMENTS- Socialized… have FUN!! and really get to know the people you are dealing with… it only gets better from here

Step 5

SEND MESSAGES- Let people know when you write a NEW article… if they rate and comment RETURN THE FAVOR ((Dont leave them HANGIN MAN))

Step 6

RATE- Do this on EVERY comment you post… And I mean EVERY comment!! Help a FRIEND out and be HONEST!!

Step 7

POST ON FORUMS- Get your name out there… ((PROMOTE in other words)) Let people know whats up in your little eHow world… they are interested I PROMISE… Just like you are… and if you have questions you can find all answers at the forums!! A little piece of HEAVEN!

Step 8

RECOMMEND- Only DO SO if they are RECOMMENDABLE… Be HONEST and well if they DESERVE it DO IT!!

Step 9

Last but not Least WRITE MORE ARTICLES… WASH RINSE AND REPEAT!!! Your good as Gold at this point!!


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