How to Do a Half Shoulder Stand in Yoga

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How to Do a Half Shoulder Stand in Yoga

This pose is usually done in the intermediate level of yoga, so if you are a beginner, do other poses first and then reach to this one. The half shoulder stand pose is great for blood circulation and it strengthen your core and gives a nice stretch to your upper back.

Lie on your yoga mat in corpse stance with your legs straight and your arms beside you with your palms facing down on the mat.

Next place your hands behind you on your back and raise your back while still having your feet on the ground (in a bridge pose), at this point you should your back off your mat and your feet planted on your mat.

Then place both your hands on your lower back with your elbows and lower part of your arms grounded on the floor for support and raise both legs up to towards the ceiling and keep them as straight as possible. Make sure that your whole weight on your shoulders and relax your neck, if your neck starts to hurt then you are not doing it correctly but come out of the pose.

Once in the stand hold it for three to five breaths and then slowly come out of it by slowly lowering your legs.

If you are more advanced then you can hold the pose for more breaths maybe up to seven, if you are less advanced stick to three breaths until you get more comfortable into the pose.


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