How to find a Cover Letter Template

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Step 1

Your cover letter is one of the most important documents along with your resume to help you get a job and improve your career. It introduces your resume, which gives your first impression to a hiring company. So you should make sure that your cover letter is clean, professional, and organized. Listed below are several free cover letter template forms that you can choose from and use to easily write your letter.

Step 2

Modern Blue Rays cover letter highlights and focuses on your accomplishments more than education or job experience. Show your job strengths with this well structured cover letter. It also comes with a matching resume.

Step 3

Cover Letter (Student Theme)is a clean, professional template specifically for students: High school students applying to colleges, undergraduate students applying for internships, jobs or graduate school, or even for graduate students applying for jobs and other work programs. The presentation of your accomplishments is organized and has a nice classic feel. There is also a matching Student Theme resume template.

Step 4

Circles Cover Letter represents your job search and career goals clearly and effectively using this modern cover letter. This design is complimented with the matching Circles Resume. The small graphic circles add a nice touch of style to your cover letter.

Step 5

Cover Letter (Inc. Theme) is a colorful cover letter which has a matching Incorporated theme resume template to match. It gives a professional business feel to your cover letter.

Tips & Warnings

  • For most jobs, a one-page cover letter is sufficient
  • Use your cover letter to introduce yourself, and highlight the details of your skills and experience.
  • Use a few specific examples in your cover letter and let some of your personality shine through.
  • Don’t use unnecessary information in your cover letter. Stick with the main purpose: to introduce yourself and explain why you are the candidate they should choose for the position.

See all of these cover letter templates listed above here:


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