How to tell if you have bedbugs in your home- part 2

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After experiencing bedbugs it is hard not to want to inspect every property you stay at in the future. If the accommodation sees a high turnover of people (for example, hotels) it is extremely wise to check for signs in the room whether or not you have this life experience. One method of doing this, if the room allows it, is to lift up the carpets on the edges of the room. Basically get down on your hands and knees and have a look for any signs of movement.

As well as visual signs of bedbugs, they also give off a distinct sweet smell. The smell is unpleasant and slightly overpowering.

What to look for on the body.

Bedbugs draw blood from their victim with a bite. They have an anesthetic in their saliva to numb your skin and stop you from feeling anything while they suck your blood out for around 5 minutes. Visible signs of bedbug sites are a reaction to this saliva, meaning everyone can react differently. The most common response to a bedbug bite is small red bumps, arranged sequentially (in a line or cluster). The bites are often misdiagnosed as more serious skin conditions by doctors. They are intensely itchy. In my experience hot water can cause the itching pain to erupt. This itching can be soothed with certain balms and lotions which can be applied to the skin (any which claims to soothe itching) or by taking antihistamines.

Bedbug bites are often a delayed reaction. That is to say that if you notice a bite today, it does not mean you were bitten last night, or even in the pasty week, as it can take up to nine days for them to appear.

What do bedbugs actually look like?

Many people may mistake small bedbugs for fleas, so it is important to distinguish between bedbugs and other small insects. Bedbugs are flat and hard insect visible to the naked eye. Full sized they are about the size of an apple pip, and similar in shape and colour. When they are fully sized their mouth parts are visible to the naked eye, which shows quite how large they are in comparison to the much smaller flea. However, at different stages of their life cycle they alter colour and size. They also change in colour after a meal, turning from a transparent brown to a red or brown.

Bedbug shells (skin casts) are clear with horizontal striping. they can be found around the mattress, under the carpet or anywhere where bedbugs live. Bedbug fecal matter looks like little brown specks, and can be mistaken for wood markings on a wooden frame. scrape away at the surface and the feces should move away.


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