Cigarette smoking

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“Cigarette in my hand, I feel like a Man”, one of the most old dated advertisement which caught up my attention way back when I was a kid and even till date I just love the lines. Though the lines makes you want to hold a cigarette in your hand but if you see the advertisement you will think twice before smoking again.

Cigarette smoking is more of a fashion these days and most people smoke because it looks good or you get the manly attire but people tend to forget the many harmful effects smoking of cigarette has on the body. Cigarette smoking gis harmful not just to the person but also to the people in and around the smoker (mostly your loved ones). So the saying “Your smoking is harmful to my health “holds perfectly true and so the banning of public smoking is a great step but it would be better if the government implements it strictly and fines the people cigarette smoking in public.

Cigarette smoking is injurious not just to the health but it costs a lot on your pocket as well, a regular smoker spends at least Rs.40 a day on cigarette and thus in a year you spend a whooping sum of Rs.15000 just on those cigarettes. I am happy I don’t smoke and this way I have saved at least 2-3 lakhs in my life so far and before I reach 60 I will be saving another 5-6 lakhs, which I otherwise would have burn out in thin air( cigarettes).

Cigarette smoking are really harmful and so please try and quit smoking if not for yourself at least for your loved ones.


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