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Increase in the number of Internet users leading to increased E-Commerce activities over the last decade
has resulted in the rapid growth of Online Advertising Industry. Advertising is a way to make money from
websites.According to the recent research United States is the most developed market for the online Advertising.
In Canada alone Internet advertising has accounted for almost one-third of the total advertising market.
Online Advertisement can be done in a number of ways like :

  1. Banners
  2. Text
  3. Interstitials
  4. Pop-Up Ads
  5. Opt-In mailing
  6. HTML Ads
  7. Rich media Ads
  8. Hybrid Ads
  9. Sponsorships and Partnerships

To facilitate Internet advertising,Adserver/Adnetwork is used. Adserver is a computer or web server that stores
the advertisements to be used for online marketing for the website visitors. Adserver is a preferred method of
online Advertising than adding Ads directly to the websites. An Adserver is a medium between the advertiser
and the website owner, also known publisher. Adserver get money from the Advertise for publishing his ads on
Internet. Adserver gives a portion of money to the publisher to publishthe ads.The content for adserver is regularly
updated so that new ads can appear on the website.Adserver comes in two flavors: Local ad server and Third party
ad server.Local adservers are typically run by a single publisher and serve ads to that publisher’s domains and Remote
or Third party ad servers can serve ads across domains owned by multiple publishers. The publisher wants to manage
Ad inventory effectively so as to maximise Advertising revenue and minimise operational costs.

Open X is a ad server , licensed under GNU General Public License,used for managing and optimising the advertising
space on one or more websites. It is a tool for publisher that makes including and managing advertising on their website
easy. It is an adserver with many advanced adserver functionalities like :

  1. Uploading Advertisements and rich media
  2. Trafficking ads
  3. Targeting ads to different users
  4. Tuning and Optimisation
  5. Reporting impressions or clicks
  6. Frequency capping
  7. Sequencing ads
  8. Excluding competition
  9. Targeting ads to users based on their previous behavior

OpenX allows to the publisher to monitor the performance of campaigns the moment it starts appearing to the websites.
By looking at the real time reporting on the amount of money that is being generated by the advertising programs, the
publisher can optimise- move around campaigns to the sections of the site which make more money and thus increase
the revenue  for the publisher.Open X allows the campaigns to run from many different sources side-by-side.OpenX
offers marketing executives the ability to accurately measure the performance of their market campaignson the online
space.Present market analysis shows that most of the firms are increasing their investments in conversion optimisation
services and Open X  assures the publishers an increased return on their investments.Open X helps in determining how
to allocate the online budget on advertising so as to maximise their return on investment.

Open X is developed as a powerful tool that provide immediate feedback what is working or what is not working on a
website or within a campaign.Open X  does the Ad Optimisation and thus is preferable adserver for publishers. Some
ads generate more revenue, more clicks, more conversions, a higher click through ratio. OPen X repots these features
of the ads and the spaces where they appear on the website  to choose display the better prforming ads more often.It
automatically adjusts the ad priority beased on real time ad performance data. As a result  the ads that generate more
revenue and the ads with more clicks than other ads in the same period are served more often. Open X also provides the
advantage of the plug-in architecture with the help of which the third party developers can change or extend the functionality
of the core system without having to modify the same core directly.

Open X crafts and execute successful online strategies.It gives a control over what is displayed on the website.It reports the
number of clicks and maximum revenue data of th advertisements and then based on that it sets the priority for the ads to
be displayed on the websites in order to optimise maximum money for the publishers and bring the investment cost to
minimum. Open X gives the choice to enable or disable a campaign at any time and features Target Advertsig to bring the
desired results for the website ownes.OpenX provides standard banner rotation, click tracking, zone-based ad selection,
zone-based campaign targeting, direct ad selection and full Adobe Flash support.


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