How to Remove and Ovoid Mildew in your Bathroom

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Step 1

As we all know, mildew likes heat and moisture. Bathroom is usually the place where heat and moisture are combined to create ideal conditions for mildew grows. And grows it does if left untreated.

Step 2

There are a few ways to prevent mildew from developing. One of the most important steps is to make sure your exhaust fan is sized for your bathroom and working properly. Use it every time someone takes a shower. If you don’t have an exhaust fan, get it installed and make sure it is vented to the outside. Installing a fan is not that expencive to do. For people who tend to forget to turn the exhaust fan on, I recommend installing a timer switch connected to your fan switch.

Step 3

Remove spilled water immediately and if you have a shower curtain, move it to the side to allow for air circulation in the tub or shower area. If you have a glass door, keep it open for 10-15 min. after you showered. You may also want to use squidgy on the glass door after each shower. It will prevent calcium deposits and make cleaning you shower easier.

Step 4

If you already have mildew, there are several ways to remove it, but I will mention only two, probably the easiest ones:
#1 Lemon juice and salt
#2 Chlorine bleach

Of course you will need to do a lot of scrubbing in the beginning. But after you remove it, maintainng it is just a breeze.

For detailed mildew protection and cleaning suggestions, please visit this great site I’ve found for you: (when following the link, please copy and paste in to your browser and remove one space between estension. and missouri): http://extension.


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