How to : Search for torrents on Google..!

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Searching on the torrent sites like, etc.. are not all that pleasing.. You do not get what you’re looking for.. You do not get accurate results.. That’s why many people downloading torrents always wish that there could have been a torrent search engine, so that searching for torrents becomes a lot more easier..

Well, there are a few torrent search engines and one among the famous torrent search engines are This is a real good search engine.. But still people want better things.. People also search for torrents on google, The world’s favourite search engine!! :).. But the results they got were not all that satisfactory.. Hmmm.. You can actually make google search the torrent files for u!! but how??

Whenever you go to You see the search bar.. You enter the name of the torrent you want and then google gives you the results.. But these results are not all that accurate.. If you really wanna get the accurate results then you gotta type somethin extra!!

After you enter the name of the torrent in the search bar you have to type “filetype:torrent” next to it..

And then hit the search button.. When you do this google searches for the torrent files on all the torrent sites..

Ex:If you wanna search for the torrent of pirates of the caribbean.. You have to go to google and enter “Pirates of Caribbean”.. Then “filetype:torrent” just after a space and then hit the search button.. (See the image)


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