How to : Protect your computer from Viruses..??

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First to know how to protect your PC from virus you need to know what exactly is a virus and what it does??

A virus is a piece of program created by Hackers to exploit your computer. Viruses are used for a lot of purpose by hackers. It is used to get passwords, credit card information, access to your computer to rob important information, and sometimes just to cause trouble. :).. Once a virus enters your computer the creator of the virus can do a lot of things with your computer. He can gain access to your computer, Turn Off your computer, etc. A virus can also disable the registry, turn off the safe mode, disable the task manager(ctrl+alt+del) etc.

Now, by knowing what a virus can do you realize the need to protect your PC from Viruses. Let me start with how the viruses enter the PC..

Viruses enter the PC by a lot of means. Most of them are listed below :
1. Browsing Unsecured Sites.
2. Downloading Files from the Internet.
3. Using P2P networks like LimeWire, eMule, etc.
4. Through USB Drives, CD, DVD etc.
5. Through Instant Messengers like yahoo, msn etc.
6. Many more…..

As there are a many ways by which the viruses can enter the PC, it is very important for us to secure our PC as far as possible.

1. The First step towards protecting our PC is to use a good anti-virus. There are many anti viruses available but it is up to you to choose the best one. I suggest you use Kaspersky as it is very efficient in protecting your PC from viruses and also it will not slow down your PC.. Other good ones are : NOD32, Mcafee, Avira AntiVir, Norton. But none of these are not as efficient as Kaspersky. You need to keep updating your Anti virus once in every three days to get the maximum protection. Updating the anti-virus is a must. As there are many viruses created daily, to get the maximum protection you need to keep updating your anti virus.
2. Whenever you download stuffs from the net make sure you scan it.
3. Visit secured sites as far as possible.
4. Avoid using Limewire, eMule, other P2P networking softwares as a lot of viruses comes through these. An alternate for these are using torrents.

The above measures can prevent viruses from entering your PC as far as possible. Follow all these measures to keep your PC secure. 🙂


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