How to : Find good torrents..??

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First of all, what exactly is a good torrent??
A good torrent should be a torrent which :

  • Gives you Max. Download speed..
  • Doesn’t Stop after a certain percentage..
  • And most importantly, the content should be GENUINE (not fake content!)

Hmmmm.. How do i find a good torrent??!!
Finding a good torrent is not all that difficult.. Whenever you download a torrent you need to check the health of the torrent and the no of seeds and peers..

  • The torrent sites always display the health of the torrent.. So you should always make sure that the health of the torrent you download should be GOOD!!(i.e. it should have a green bar)
  • Look out for the torrents having the max. no of seeds and peers.. (Most of the torrent sites have the feature of arranging the torrents based on the no of seeds/peers.. So once you have entered your search in the search bar make sure you arrange the torrents in the decending order of no of seeds)
  • See if the torrents are verified.. (Some of the torrents sites allow the people who have downloaded the torrent to verify if the torrent is really good.. So look out for verified torrents)
  • Check out the comments written by other people downloading the torrent.. Check out if the people have commented the torrent to be FAKE!! If people have recommended you to download the torrent, then, go ahead and download it!!

Finally, here are some tips on downloading torrents :

  1. Go to trusted sites like,,, etc..
  2. When downloading movies look out for good uploaders like aXXo , FxM, FXG, etc.. They are supposed to be on among the best uploaders for movies.. Also see if they are DVDrips.. (DVDrips are supposed to have high quality and small file size about 700mb)
  3. Do not download the torrents without checking the comments..

Happy downloading!! 🙂


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