Mass Affect 2 – Video Game Review

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Mass affect 2 is a game that has made some small changes from its first version. Some say the graphics are better and others say there are some miner bugs in the game. And while there are some pros and cons to this exciting game, most gamers would agree that they are up for the challenge and can’t wait to play it.

Almost everyone is attracted to the universe, so for anyone who is also a gamer, putting the two together can be magic for some people. This game has you spinning through the universe on a ship that had to be replaced. The first one blew up just seconds into the game.

The game begins with a tragedy as the SSV Normandy is attacked and blown to pieces and the fate of the protagonist Sheppard is unclear. Your job is to investigate the situation and look for clues. You also need to confront vicious forces behind the mystery. You owe an illusive man your life and he follows you wherever you go and stays in your shadows.

You rebuild a new team called the Normandy SR-2. Your team consists of wild characters that might have you in stitches laughing with their antics and jokes. Your crew will help you battle out any enemies shall they come your way.

The main plot is conventional science fiction and has a predictable close. You have to complete missions but not all missions are combating but as you build through the developments you actually build on your characters development. The writing and dialogue between characters is excellent and the characters have detailed facial expressions and voice matched to feelings giving into that sense of reality.

You can go into a third person shooter. Sliding the cover is easy, however as you move in and out of positions and hideaway locations, your characters, actions may be delayed enough to have you killed, these bugs in the game have some people complaining.

If you want to change weapons there is no more pop up screen to quickly access. This time you have to go all the way to the weapons locker room, to find your weapon and have it. Many gamers did not enjoy that feature at all.

The worst part of this game noted by reviews was the constant scanning that needed to be done. This is where a lot of game play is wasted. The reticule is slow and the entire process of doing it is long and worn out.

The shooting in number two has been much improved and contains all of the things you would expect in a battle targeted game. You can actively explore the worlds and meet many new characters that will prove to be only too helpful as your journey continues.

The game adjusts to the challenges and moves that you make. In the end of the game the choices that you made as you went along will determine the type of ending you get. This game will have you pushing right to the end just to see what happens.

This game got mostly good reviews. Everyone loved the idea of traveling through space, especially when a great crew was involved. It was also noted that many people did not find the bugs in the game to be too concerning and were able to continue in the game with no more distractions.

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