WoW PvP Secrets – The Shaman

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Understanding the PvP strengths and weaknesses of any class is very important. For Shaman it is even more so, since your class has changed significantly from the early days of WoW. This means that even if you have information about your Shaman’s strengths and weaknesses, it might be seriously out of date. Let us focus on the current situation then.

Shaman PvP Strengths

The Shaman used to be one of the most powerful PvP classes. This is no longer the case, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do very well in player versus player combat using a Shaman. You just need to be smart about it. Your strength is surely your totems. They can buff you, harm your enemies, and much more, giving you a unique style of play and some powerful advantages.

In addition to the totems you can deploy, your character can use a shield and wear mail armor. And don’t forget your ability to heal yourself. All told, this makes you a formidable opponent. Choose your talents and gear wisely and you’ll be able to hold your own out there.

Shaman PvP Weaknesses

All that said, your Shaman does have some potentially fatal weaknesses. You lack any form of crowd control, which means you can’t easily disengage from an enemy once the fight begins. The majority of your attacks must be made from close range. Your character is vulnerable to ranged attackers like Mages or Hunters. They can tear you up from a distance, shredding you before you get into melee range.

Now you have a basic outline of the strengths and weaknesses of this fun class. While being a Shaman is tougher than it used to be, it is still a fun and challenging class to play. A quality WoW PvP guide can give you the information you need to choose specs, gear, and tactics that will give you the edge in combat, regardless of which class you are facing.


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