First step to getting a job

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If you’re looking for a job… you’ve ventured to the right place! here are the rule’s: you’re a baseball (a metaphoric, job desperate baseball) and this article is a bat, need i say the, metaphoric job birthing bat. You’ll find the advice here the most helpful and rewarding, if you really give each suggestion your effort to achieve it’s full potential.

search the web

obviously off to a good start so lets cut to the chase. when surfing the web:

>keep a very open mind. apply to almost anything that appeals to you, even in the slightest way.

>try not to copy and paste your applications with each email. have a good idea of what you want to say and get it out in 2-3 sentence blurb relevant to the job.

>use a search engine to find local business’s with websites that offer online applications.

>you probably won’t get many replies so again just be persistent, and apply to a wide range of jobs you would feel comfortable with.

text Call people?

Try and call a few numbers, get on the phone.

>calls wil have a higher rate of success than the web, so be aware that each call could actually be your next job.

>read the newspaper. their job offerings are legit and lucrative, most of the time of course.

>DONT BE AFRAID. the people on the other end of the line are getting these calls all day long. sound enthusiastic and… stand out in your own way? just act brave and actually call.

>if answering machine: leave your name, reason for calling, and a number to contact you at… and end it with “thank you!”

walk ins

just um, you can just go in to places.

>see a cool store? go to the service desk and ask for an application politely, and don’t make a big deal out of it.

>talk to your friends and family, i’m sure at least somebody will throw you a bone.

>know where to find a public billboard? check it outtt. many people post job oppurtunities there.

>get a car or a driver, whichever you prefer, and cruise around looking for places that have “Hiring” signs in their windows. go in those places.

Interviews? not a sweat bro

so say you actually get invited over to talk…

>pretend you are a: confident, reliable, diligent, human, being for the day. (the comma after human, was on purpose.)

>up talk any positive feedback your future employer may give you.

>don’t seem too eager, relax this definitely won’t be your last interview so understand its not that big a deal you’ll get it down in no time.

>dress nice no matter what

>smile 🙂

>delve back into the web and find lots more tips on how to improve your interview.

so get going

you better of just gotten motivated. do not be intimidated by the job hunt, you now have plenty of places to start. remember not to get discouraged because you know you’ll land something sooner or later.

YEAH good luck


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