What Mosquitoes Like

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Sometimes it can feel like some people have to fend off more mosquitoes than others. In fact, that is actually the case. The body chemistry of certain individuals tends to attract mosquitoes more effectively than the body chemistry of others. Researchers have managed to pinpoint a few of the things that seem to work as magnets for mosquitoes.

Mosquitoes are drawn to the carbon dioxide CO2 which is in the breath all humans exhale and they can smell humans from far away. When they come up closer to their victims other odours help the mosquitoes choose who to get their juicy meal from.  Perfumes, hairstyling products, deodorants and other strong smelling products can confuse the mosquitoes, but not necessarily in a repellent way.

In general mosquitoes love people who have high concentrations of steroids and cholesterol on their skin surface. They also like people who produce large amounts of certain acids, such as uric acid. Folic acid also seems to be something they find tasty. Folic acid is a very important nutrient and most pregnant women take folic acid supplements. Not surprisingly women often find they are bitten more frequently when pregnant than when not.  Big men also tend to get more bites than small children due to the fact that they exhale more carbon dioxide than young children. Alcohol makes the skin warmer and mosquitoes find that very appealing. Thus it is a good idea to stay away from drinking any alcoholic drinks if you would like to stay clear of mosquito bites.

To attract the opposite sex humans and many animals emit sexual pheromones which work like a chemical signal that tells the opposite sex that they are ready to mate. Unfortunately the pheromones do not only attract the opposite sex. Recent research shows that mosquitoes are experts on recognizing pheromones and that they are very much attracted to it. So, if you are in love, you better watch out for those nasty little mosquitoes.


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