Grow Your Hair for Those in Need

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Not long ago I heard the extremely compelling story about a young girl suffering from a disease that caused her hair to fall off.

Because she looked different from other kids she had been harassed at school for years and she had lost all her self-esteem. Her life changed completely as she got hair prosthetics.  Slowly she got her confidence back and now she is enjoying a life as any other teenager.


There are millions of people that lose their hair due to various medical conditions. For adults, especially women, hairloss can be very difficult to deal with. For children it can be devastating to grow up with a condition which makes them look different and many suffer from low self-esteem and they withdraw from normal childhood activities.

Various forms of the auto-immune disorder alopecia is the most common reason to hairloss among young people. In USA alone alopecia affects around 4.7 million people of all ages.  Other causes to hairloss are cancer treatment, less common disorders, accidents and burns.

 As the retail price of hair prosthetics starts from about $3500 many hairloss sufferers cannot afford to get a hairpiece. Children also need to change hairpieces often as they grow.

The charity Locks of Love help hairless children to get good quality customfitted hair prosthetics. Through hair donations and financial donations Locks of Love can offer the hairpieces at reduced or no cost to recipients who otherwise would not be able to afford it.  The hairpieces are vacuumfitted so children do not need to worry that the hairpiece will be pulled off during games or sport activities.

Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths provide wigs for female cancer patients through hair donations. As it takes about 6 ponytails to make a wig, a lot of hair is needed. Real hair wigs retail at a price of about $1200 and health insurances do not always cover the whole cost.

If you have hair of about 10″ or more that you would like to get rid of, why not consider donating it to a charity.

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