Why to get rid of your digital SLR camera.

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No matter what your subject is, the digital single lens reflex (SLR) cameras deliver uncompromised, professional pictures.  Until recently, the digital SLR camera was faltering behind the much cheaper 35mm SLR cameras with slower shutter speeds, and longer waiting times between pictures.  Besides, the non-digital SLR cameras have interchangeable lenses, and thousands of filters and gadgets.  Then, digital SLRs started coming out with interchangeable lenses, but those lenses tend to be rather expensive and extremely large, long and wide.  Reasons to ditch your digital SLR camera would start with the weight of the interchangeable lenses, and their cumbersome sizes.

Many of the digital SLR camera lenses need their own tripod, bipod or unipod, to keep the heavy and cumbersome lens still while taking pictures of sporting events, other moving objects, or even when a high zoom lens is used.  Of the reasons to ditch your digital SLR camera, having to lug around a couple of huge suitcases for lenses and accessories stands out.  However, reasons to not ditch your digital SLR camera include the high cost already paid, and the loss of value after purchase can be extremely high.

With advancements in technology, unless you are a professional photographer, there are many point and shoot digital cameras with strong built-in zoom levels, from 2x to well over 500 times zoom, with clarity of over 12 mega pixels (MP).  Some more recent cameras have built-in smile detection technology, and fixed object focus.  No matter where the fixed object moves to, the camera keeps that as it’s center or focus.  With smile technology. lock the camera’s focus on your baby, and when he or she smiles, a picture is taken!  No more waiting around and trying to entice a smile, you can sit back and wait for that perfect smile to happen naturally.

When looking at the cost of digital SLR cameras, and all of the interchangeable lenses, multipliers and filters, a complete package that covers the entire zoom spectrum would cost well over $10,000 to $50,000.  A $400 to $800 digital, point and shoot camera will do almost everything that the digital SLR can do, but not to the professional clarity.  However, they are more than good enough for showing slide presentations on your high definition, LED LCD television set, and have the pictures look real.

However, amongst all the reasons to ditch your digital SLR camera, the one that does not make sense is the financial loss that you will take in selling your present setup.  Assuming that you have some very good lenses and expensive filters, you can be looking at losing half of what you spent, and that is through a private sale.

If you try selling your digital SLR camera and gear to a used camera store or pawn shop, you will take a major loss on what you spent, if you bought your gear new.  In this case, you may want to simply keep your existing digital SLR camera and gear, and adding a new, high tech camera for additional use where you may need quicker access to your camera.

With the cost of digital SLR cameras and interchangeable lenses still so very high, reasons to ditch your digital SLR camera may seem trivial, compared to the financial loss that you would take in selling your gear quickly.  Hold onto your digital SLR camera and gear, and place it for sale on community, Provincial, State and federal websites that cater to buying, selling and bartering.  Buy a camera like the Sony Cybershot, or the good old Nikon A1 film camera.  With a connector ring, you may even be able to use your digital SLR camera lenses with it.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.


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