The Tree Named Sea Buckthorn HAs Many Uses Including Ailments

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   Unlike most berries that grow in clusters on trees , the eye catching colors of the berries on the Sea Buckthorn tree grow in a way in which they cover each branch and twig individually. Although the berries are edible, you must be very carefully when picking them off of the branch because they do have sharp thorns. That’s why they must be picked very carefully so that you don’t stick yourself as well as being delicate as not to crush the berries.

   The Sea Buckthorn is found in mountanous regions because of the colder climates.A few places they can be found are Central Asia, western and northern China and northern Himalayas, Russia and Tibet. You can actually find helpful information about the Sea Buckthorn in the classic versions of the Tibetan medicinal texts and ancient Greek texts as well.

   The greek name for Sea Buckthorn is Hippophae which means shiny horse and it is thought to be referred as an ancient greek practice of using the berries or leaves from the tree in someway to give racehorses their shiny coat.

   A important thing to know about the Sea Buckthorn is that it contains a high amount of vitamins. These would include Vitamins C and E, folic acid, carotenoids, fatty acids and flavanoids. There has been recent medical research to exam claims that the Sea Buckthorn benefits the aid in cancer therapy, reducing cardiovascular risk, factors, and treating gastrointestinal ulcers.    

   If you ever visit any of the places noted above , you may want to locate a Sea Buckthorn tree so you can admire the beautiful orange and gold berries on the branches that are so eye catching.


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