Does Georges St. Pierre Have a Girlfriend?

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Over the years mixed martial arts has seen a drastic rise in popularity due mostly to the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). With this increase in popularity fighters such as current Welterweight champion Georges St. Pierre also have deal with social issues as well. One of the things that people are wondering about the best 170-pound fighter in the planet is whether or not Georges St. Pierre has a girlfriend.

There are plenty of rumors and talk about the subject in internet chat rooms. Perhaps the most popular of the rumors was one circulating around that the man they call GSP was dating popular singer and actress Mandy Moore. The young lady is a know fan of the sport and often seen at the events. I would imagine that somebody just took it upon themselves to create this bit of information.

So what is the answer to the question does Georges St. Pierre have a girlfriend? Well at the moment of this publication the top ranked fighter is single. I would assume that with all his training and events in and outside of the cage related to the UFC that he just simply doesn’t have the time for a relationship. Maybe in the future there will be a Mrs. GSP but for now the Canadian is on the market so keep that in mind ladies.

The popularity and ladies seeking out the answer to the question does Georges St. Pierre have a girlfriend will likely increase in the future as he builds his impressive resume. In the top organization for mma against the toughest opponents GSP is 13-2 (another 6 wins in other organizations). That record is very impressive considering all the possible ways for one to lose a fight in the sport.

If he manages to get past Dan Hardy at UFC 111 it will be his sixth championship fight win in a row. It will also market another beaten opponent in the welterweight division. You have to wonder at some point when the UFC will set up the superfight between Georges St. Pierre and Anderson Silva. That fight would likely sell a tremendous amount of ppv sales for the UFC.

So now that all the ladies at home know that Georges St. Pierre doesn’t have a girlfriend they can plot about how to meet the fighter. Just keep in mind that he is single at the moment of this publication but that is likely to change at any point. I’m sure that the Canadian has his fair share of attractive young ladies going after him on a regular basis.


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