Weight loss: Be proud of your successes and be accountable

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The other night, when I went to my Weight Watcher meeting, I was a little upset that I had only lost 0.4 of a pound. I did the math and say that I had only lost 6.4 ounces in a week.  The person who weighed me said, “You’re going in the right direction.” I said, “Yeah, but I wanted to lose more! I should have lost more. I was good!”

I took my sorry dejected self to my chair and waited for the room to fill up with other folks who were either happy or upset about their moment on the scale. The meeting started, and one of the topics was to be proud of your successes.  Even though we are following the program, the scale may not always show a significant loss. In fact, some weeks we might gain a few ounces, and then the following week lose a significant amount. It happens all the time.

Even a tiny amount of weight lost during a week’s time is a success. All too often, we put ourselves down and sabotage our efforts in our weight loss journey.  There are two words that we need to get out of our vocabulary. Those words are yeah and but. We tell ourselves, “yeah, I lost 4 pounds this month, but it wasn’t enough. I wanted to lose 10,” or “yeah, I’m losing inches, but the scales don’t show a weight loss,” or “yeah, my blood pressure numbers are better, but the scales don’t show much of a loss,” or “yeah, my diabetes numbers are much better and my clothes fit looser, but the numbers on the scale aren’t coming down very fast.” You get the idea. When we say, Yeah, but we are putting down all of our hard work. When we are self-deprecating, we will set ourselves up for failure.

Intellectually, we all know how to lose weight, but we often get in the way of our own success. Our ultimate goal might be to lose weight, but the focus of our efforts should be to become healthy and live a healthy lifestyle. The weight will come off if we follow our plan, whatever that plan is. My plan is the Weight Watcher Momentum Plan; I have to have to go to the meetings in order to stay accountable for my eating behaviors. Whether you follow a plan like Weight Watchers®, Jenny Craig®, NutraSystem® or you are just making healthier food choices, you have to be accountable to yourself for your success or failure.

Our attitude toward our weight loss efforts is key to our success. I’m no longer upset about my 0.4 pound weight loss for last week. I am happy that I didn’t gain. We have to be accountable to ourselves to succeed. We can’t just go on a diet to lose weight and then go back to eating out of control. We must make our weight loss efforts a part of our lifestyle, so that our food choices will be conducive to a healthy life.

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