Final Fantasy XIII Eidolon Battle Guide 05: Alexander

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This battle isn’t too tough, but it is very slow paced and with that doom counter ticking you can get quite worried! Still, Alexander is an easy Eidolon to tame.

Start off by jumping into the protection paradigm and using it to cast protect everyone while you heal up. Alexander’s Gestalt gauge will rise when you heal people, buff them and of course when you amass chain bonuses. This means that right off the bat, the Gestalt gauge will be filling up. Once everyone has protect, you can switch over to an offensive Paradigm.

I recommend delta attack. While Alexander is very slow, his attacks hit like a freight train so having a Sentinel in the party means you don’t need to waste as much time in healing paradigms. That said, before the gestalt Gauge hits 50% you can get away with using Relentless assault a little bit- this might be useful if you’re worried about the doom counter.

Once Alexander has reached 50% gestalt, he acquires a few attacks that will make this Eidolon battle a little tougher. Still, so long as you have a sentinel and protect, he shouldn’t be able to cause any severe harm.

When your party starts to show their battle wounds (lower than 50% health) switch to the combat clinic paradigm to heal up. Healing also boosts Alexander’s Gestalt gauge, so don’t worry about losing your DPS. Plus, with two medics you can heal up the entire party in a flash.

The doom counter will probably be lower than 1000 before this Eidolon Battle ends, but if it hits 3 digits and the Gestalt gauge isn’t nearly full (Past 75%) you may want to use some Relentless assault tactics to finish the job more quickly.

Only one more Eidolon battle to go, and you’ve got all the summons in Final Fantasy XIII!


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