Barcelona, you have to meet her.

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Barcelona is a very special city, its people, its culture, the multitude and diversity of ethnicities and customs which compose it, makes Barcelona an attractive place to know it thoroughly.
Each neighborhood has its own expression, every corner of its appeal, from the port to the mountain of Montjuit from the wadi with its incomparable wealth, its flower stalls, its river and tourist multiracial people, its human statues … Barcelona tine own life, is the capital of Catalonia, from where it spreads in the architecture of Gaudi’s Sagrada Familia, the Parque Guell.
The people are family, hardworking, kind, have their own culture and the Catalan language, spoken not only in Catalonia but also in lais Balearic Islands and Valencia.
Barcelona has the charm of cities you can not forget, once you know her, you fall in love want it to end as soon as you return it. Barcelona is to stroll, to meet her on foot, to go leisurely and relax, to shop, to get into the restaurants in the Olympic port, to know the sources of Montjuit in the plaza of Spain, to contemplate the statue of the colon, with the americas pointing his finger to enter the wax museum and enjoy the characters. All you can look at this city will be nothing. Barcelona is one of the major Spanish cities, and one of the most visited by tourists worldwide.

I’ll tell you from experience of living in this beautiful city, if you have the chance to meet her, do not miss it.


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