Demon’s Souls – Video Game Review

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Demon’s souls is an incredible game that has many gamers talking. This game will tackle even the best of players who have a fair amount of patience. It is deemed to pull on your every last cord until you want to scream with fury. It is bound to plunge you into death over and over again as you plummet through a dark and surreal world. There is little direction and you learn as you go along.

This is one of those games that will have you aching to try it just out of sheer curiosity. And if you are a patient person who has lots of time to play the game, then you might thrive on the challenges and constant opposition, however if you know that you get frustrated easily then beware…this game will push your buttons.

The beginning of the game starts off as you explore and battle through five worlds. The worlds are dark and creepy with lots of mythical creatures and savage beasts. Your enemies are there to destroy you and they will and just when you get your life back, they will do it again. You will be mad and frustrated, and you might quit, or you might press on.

You can explore everything in this world, from swamps to dark caverns and to all of the nook and crannies around a castle and its walls. The only way you learn anything is by constantly being faced with trial and error. The game has a slow progression which means you will need lots of time on your hands to finish the game. The enemies you will face and fight are hard and will do whatever they can to destroy you. You need to learn their tricks and know when to use your weapons at the very moment that you need them, in order to stay alive.

As you plunge through the dark levels in the game, you will collect souls and you can get souls by killing demeans. The currency in the game is through the use of souls and you can use them to buy spices for optimal health.

When you die, you lose your souls and start from the beginning again, you can retrieve your lost souls but you have to make it back to where you died and touch your old blood, if you do you get the souls back and if you get killed on the way back to your blood, then your souls are lost for good which might heighten your frustration level or spark your interest for further play and conquer.

You can create a character using demon’s souls and you can customize options, the cool thing is that you are not stuck in one playing mode, you can change as often as you like which opens you up to an array of weapons, armour and magic energy.

The negative comments made about this game was that it was too hard and unforgiving. Many felt that the lack of instructions or guides assisted in their continual failure. The trick to winning this game is through always searching for signs and clues. There are white ghosts that float through the game’s levels who are actually other online players playing, they might leave clues for you to use. You can also win by trial and error and by dying a few hundred times.

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