Michael Caine Movies and Astrology

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Pisceans by nature are highly adaptable and this is a strong attribute of the actor Michael Caine. They are also highly sensitive to the feelings of other people and all these traits rose to the surface during the making of the smash hit movie Zulu in which Michael Caine starred.

Michael Caine’s Horoscope and His Career

Michael Caine dearly wanted to play the part of Private Henry Hook, a rebellious, sulky soldier who was to win the covered Victoria Cross at the battle of Frourke’s Drift. He was invited to audition only to be told the part had gone to James Booth. Three days later he was offered the part of Lieutenant Gonville Bromhead, perhaps the most significant role he was to ever play as far as public acclaim was concerned up until that time.

Although Michael Caine is now at the top of the tree, he still retains a deep love of his roots and family loyalties. Born in London’s Old Kent Road, Michael insists he is a Cockney although the traditional requirement of being born in the sound of Bow Bells might call for a little stretching of the rules. Neptune the ruler of his ninth house is in the zone of his chart associated with brothers and sisters as well as neighbours. The Moon in the fourth hose of home suggests a strong tie with his mother.

Michael Caine’s Early Years

It was his mother who quietly supported him, morally and financially in his early years and indeed persuaded him to keep going when progress had slowed down to a halt. His mother also helped to allay his father’s doubts about an acting career which was such a far cry from the enormously physical work associated with the market trade.

Michael is strongly family minded. He gave his younger brother an introduction to show business and helped him considerably in his earlier life until everyone concerned came to the conclusion one actor in the family was enough. Jupiter in Virgo is in opposition to his sun and Venus suggesting a tendency to over indulge in the good things of life with just a trace of a tendency to laziness. Michael seems o be fully aware off these negative aspects and is on guard against them. A love of good food and the ability to cook astonishingly well once brought his weight up to the 15-stone mark at about the same time as he was idly waiting for a good part to present itself. A realisation of both spurred him to watch his diet, keep a strict eye on drink and to be on the top line for work no matter how busy he might be at the time.

“The Italian Job” and other Michael Caine Films

Zulu, the 1964 epic covering the historic 19th century battle in South Africa between British soldiers and Zulu warriors brought Caine to international intention. Other films in which he starred include: The Ipcress File, Alfiem Funeral in Berlin, Play Dirty, Battle of Britain, Too Late the Hero, Get Carter, The Man Who Would Be Kingm The Eagle Has Landed, Educating Rita, Little Voice, House Rules and Last Orders. In spite of a close link with his roots, Michael Caine is bitten by the travel bug which arises from the sun and Venus being in his ninth house of travel. A decision to leave England for Hollywood arose from two main reasons, one which was the savage tax on his income.

The greater availability of work was the secondary reason but both have been overcome by the pull of his roots and Michael Caine returned to England. Recently it has been reported that Michael has objected to a new tax rate and is once again considering leaving the country if taxes get any higher. With Venus in his ninth house Michael will settle and feel at home, wherever he goes but his heart will always be in England.


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