Final Fantasy Xiii Eidolon Battle Guide 04: Bahamut

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Despite the initial shock, this is actually one of the easiest Eidolon Battles in Final Fantasy XIII! The problem is you’re thrown into a new party right away with no time to check your paradigms- I can see this cheap trick pissing off a lot of you (Lord knows I nearly threw my controller). Still, once you know what to do, Bahamut is a cakewalk.

As soon as the battle starts, go straight into combat clinic. If you can (I.E you’ve already lost once), then set this as your active paradigm before the battle starts. You should now be able to survive Bahamut’s strikes will little problem. This Eidolon does launch some devastating attacks and combos, but with a good sentinel and two medics, you’ll be fighting fit in no time.

When it’s time to strike back, start by inflicting debuffs such as slow on Bahamut, while at the same time buffing your party (if you can), so you don’t need to drop back into combat clinic every 30 seconds. Haste is very important. I can’t stress this enough, start in combat clinic to survive the strikes then get slow on bahamut and haste on yuor party. Do this and you will find the battle much easier. Otherwise you will continue to be pressuredby bahamut and not get anywhere.

By now, the Gestalt gauge should be filling, but you can push it along the way by launching some attacks of your own. Go Relentless assault if you have the health, or if you need to play it safe use delta attack. Just keep up the pressure and the Eidolon will eventually submit, hopefully with plenty of time still left on the Doom counter.

With the Eidolon defeated, you now have yet another summon for your party-who in my opinion looks a bit… stupid. Bahamut is a powerful ally though, and will prove invaluable in fighting your way through the rest of final Fantasy XIII!


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