Michael Caine Horoscope and Brief Biography

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Born on the 14th March, 1933, in London, Maurice Micklewhite was the son of a fish market porter.

 Michael Caine, Early Life and His Horoscope

Michael left school at age 15 and took a series of working class jobs before joining the British army and serving in Korea during the Korean war. On returning to England he was drawn to the theatre and got a job as an assistant stage manager. It is perhaps not altogether surprising that Michael Caine should have achieved world-wide fame as an actor when he has the sun, Mercury, Venus and Uranus all in the upper hemisphere of his chart. These are the planets of creative talent and Uranus, planet of originality and flair is the rising planet in his chart. The upper hemisphere is that section of a chart which relates to other people, or the general public.

Michael Caine’s Charming Personality and Astrology

An exceptionally alert mind with a gift for crackling repartee is a Geminian ascendant trait. Mercury, the ruler of his chart is placed in his tenth house of career, prestige and public image. This to a large extent helps Michael to present himself to the public in a favourable light and one that also impresses itself on the memory of the audience. Pluto, Mars, Neptune, Jupiter and the Moon are all contained in the lower hemisphere of his cart and these balance the planets in the upper sector to result in a well-balanced character.

Michael Caine in Is Anybody There?

Balance can also be seen in Michael’s most recent movie Is Anybody There, a gentle drama in which Michael plays Clarence, an aging magician struggling to keep hold of his dignity and his mind. He is packed off to Lark Hal, a residential home in a small seaside town where he builds up an unexpected friendship with Edward, an inquisitive shy ten year old whose mother runs the house. There is an easy grace and respect that develops between Clarence and Edward, Edward learning from the old man’s experience and wisdom. What balances the movie is Michael’s outstanding portrayal of old age as the accumulation of a lifetime’s experience and the shared friendship between him and the child Edward. The well-placed Saturn in his eighth house gives Michael that quiet but dogged determination to succeed in his chosen career. An attribute essential to an actor which is, perhaps, the most insecure and precarious of all professions.

Michael Caine’s Success and His Horoscope

Indeed to make ends meet, Michael often washed dishes and worked in Billingsgate fish market in London, where his father spent all his working life. Dedication might be the best word to describe his will to succeed. Uranus is the rising planet in his chart and partly responsible for a streak of rebelliousness in his mental make up. This streak manifested itself in his schooldays when games and sport bored him to the point where he played truant and spent games periods in the local cinema. Inevitably he was caught and soundly caned for his misdeeds. Although bitterly resenting the canings, he appreciated the justice and this trait is with him forever.

Michael has no preconceived prejudices about religion, creed, race or colour and finds it difficult to understand those who do. In spite of the rebel streak, Michael Caine is a man of moderate views and describes himself as “an extreme moderate”


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