How To Make Kosher Dill Pickles

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How do you like your pickles? Have you ever wanted to make your own pickles? Making homemade kosher pickles can be lots of fun. Why is that? Because you can decide exactly how you want them to come out.

What do I mean? Very simple: We all know that pickles have to sit for a few days in the big jar. Usually the longer you keep them in – the spicier they will get. So once you start making your own pickles you can basically test to see what works best for you.

Lets get down to business:

Here are the ingredients you need to make your own pickles:

First you need a 3 liter jar with cover (see picture below)

Now start adding:

2 TBSP Pickling spice

20 small Cucumbers – Firm

4 TBSP salt

2 medium cloves garlic – peel and cut to 2-3 peices

2 sticks dill

4 TBSP Vinegar

Less then a pinch of Zaatar

2 inches of Luke Warm water

Mix with ingredients

Add Cucumbers and fill water till the top!

Keep in closed jar -not in the fridge- for half sour 36+ hours

For real good ones 🙂 keep 48+ hours.

I started off by asking – How do you like your pickles? Because once you have a full jar after 36 hours you can start testing to see what’s your favorite. Some people I know even keep them in for a week and a half….

What’s the cool thing about making your own home made pickles? Very simple – share them with your friends and they will think that you are really cool.

Enjoy your pickles!


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