Final Fantasy XIII Fifth Ark Boss guide- Cid Raines, Angelic Form.

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The boss will transform into a second form, dealing some serious damage (If you have your buffs and a sentinel though, you should be fine). From now on, the fight gets much tougher. First of all, get all our buffs and debuffs reapplied- remember, Casting the opposite debuff to one of Cid Raines’ buffs will cancel out that buff. You will no longer get onscreen prompts regarding Cid Raines’ attacks, and he will also be faster and more deadly.

The key here lays to being able to switch to a sentinel based paradigm at a moment’s notice. The second he begins one of his combo attacks (which are now even more deadly), go into Solidarity to minimise the damage and heal the character.

Apart from that, try to keep the boss’ chain gauge rising using relentless assault, or diversity if things are getting hairy. Keep your buffs up, and try to keep the boss debuffed. Cid can also inflict many status debuffs on your party, but most are worth avoiding. The exception to this is poison, which you should use an antidote for so that your medic can concentrate on regaining lost HP. Remember, jump into a sentinel based paradigm when Raines begins a combo attack.

When Cid Raines is finally staggered, switch to either relentless assault or tri disaster to really rack up the pain. If you are using Relentless assault, try to time your attacks with the end of a Commando’s combo that began with a launch to ‘juggle’ the boss- if you don’t he will go into guard mode.

If he is not staggered and in guard mode, use this as some downtime to re apply buffs, debuffs and heal without reprisal. Keep a commando on Raines though to make sure you don’t lose his chain.

Finally, we need to mention this Boss’ Seraphic ray. This attack deal serious damage- but is telegraphed. Use your sentinel paradigm to minimise the hurt, but you need to be quick off the bat! This will also remove every buff on the field, including Cid’s. So this is the time to lay in some serious hurt if you can- remember that potions allow some instant healing! Cid will also usually take the time to re apply his own buffs after using this attack, so it gives you some breathing space too.

Keep all this up, and eventually Cid will collapse. If you find yourself in a sticky patch, remember that you can always call on one of Final Fantasy XIII’s Eidolons to help.

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