Secrets of a flawless makeup

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If you want a make-able, must respect certain rules: do not make up the artificial light and apply not more than two coats of mascara. So keep your natural charm and youthful expression

1. Moisturize your skin every day

To have a healthy skin is a priority. Hydrating a morning and evening, will prevent and blur wrinkles and you have a firm and shiny skin. Makeup is achieved more easily than a healthy one wrinkled skin or problems. When you care of skin, always use fine, delicate movements to avoid skin redness or aggression.

2. Meets stage makeup

Always start with skin. As one needs a background picture, and your skin needs a basic. Therefore apply a anticearcăn (a lighter shade than the foundation) in the eye and the areas where you have small spots or imperfections, then a foundation to equalize. Now we have to take care of the eye. Apply the eye shadow and mascara. After the foundation was absorbed by the skin, use a pastel blush to give cheeks color. Finally, apply a lipstick or lip gloss.

3. Machiaza up to natural light

Artificial light can be misleading, so try to get makeup in natural light. This will help you choose shades easier to ensure the desired result. When your makeup in the bathroom, check the light of the window if your makeup is balanced and that the shades obtained using match between them.

4. Use colors in the same range

For a natural product, colors should be neutral. Use a foundation close to skin tone, a blush pink or coral and subtle shadows on the eyelids, in shades of beige and hazelnut. For a makeup night, dare to wear shades on the eyelids and stronger, why not a makeup smokey eyes. You also should replace black with brown, dark gray or blue.

5. Avoid strong makeup

A makeup makeup could mean a delicate and by no means, the evening should not be exaggerated. Try not to outline your eyes very hard to have a balance between the lips and eyes (if eyes are very strong make-up, lips must be natural) and not to apply multiple layers of mascara, because genes will have a part load and will stick together.

Tip: Spring it relies on eye makeup. They must put in value, while the lips remain neutral. Use lipsticks in natural tones such as pink, peach and coral.


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