At the party I will shine. But after?

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Want to enjoy hours of fun and the day is not no trace on your face? Here are some clever tricks to be brilliant at all times.

Drink plenty of water

Fatigue that you sit on his face the day is the result of dehydration. So after each drink one glass of wine with water. It is known that alcohol dehydrate.

Also, avoid dark hard liquor (whiskey, rum, brandy) and those sweet, as they promote the absorption of alcohol in the blood.

Dance lust after heart

What other better way to eliminate calories faster and feel better than dance? Have fun with friends and family and enjoy the hours spent together.

Munching something

Even if you ate before leaving home, nibble from time to time and the wealth of the party. Thus, you have energy and will offset the loss of minerals.

Rehabilitation program after party

Apply a protective mask

How did you get home, demachiază up, then apply a moisturizing cream on his face and a special area around the eyes. To make sure the next day you wake up with cearcăne not put your eye on a sleeping mask, cotton.

Adios, wrinkles!

For a brighter complexion and wrinkles less visible, and prepare an infusion of peppermint mask. Add a handful of dried mint leaves to half a liter of boiling water. Let infusion for 20 minutes and water slips. When cool, moisten a cotton cloth and massages your face clean with it.

Shower refreshing

The next step is the treatment of revival. So jump in the shower! Use an energizing shower gel with extracts of lemon or mint, and massages your skin well with a slightly abrasive sponge. Toward the end, alternating with the cold hot water. Apply on wet skin a body oil, a light massage for better hydration.

Ice compresses

Get rid of bags under your eyes using cold compresses, swabs of ice or some cold black tea sachets. Wait for 10 minutes, then apply a cream-eye contour.

Makeup fresh color

You think a thick makeup to cover any trace? Wrong! The foundation, powder and make up the excess stress tired look of skin. Thus using a medium coverage foundation that gives light, a little pink blush and gloss of the same hue. Avoid make up bright and brown tones


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