Top Spring hairstyles!

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Long is natural

If you have long hair and do not want to radically change your haircut, than get some “special effects”. Whether you opt for natural curls or for a chic bangs, or for more volume, it is important to you stay well. You are free to choose what you like;as long as your hair is groomed and dressed. Ware it with a straight path in one part and forget the zigzag path.

Short hair trend

Short hair and fringe is one of top hairstyles of the year. Whether you opt for a longer bangs, uneven and spinning, whether you choose a short bangs and just boys’ haircuts are in vogue this season, while being very practical and easy to maintain.

Romantic Waves

Hairstyles of the ’40s continue to inspire style haircuts in 2010. Like last year, the hair of medium length (up to shoulders or just below), cut into scales and loose curls remains in great demand. Hint: He wears his hair parted on one side, not the middle.

Different types of grain

If sticks are longer hair style or a more elegant, try grain of different lengths. It is a stylish haircut, which benefit several types of side and will not fail, regardless of the occasion. In addition, there are many types of beans that you can try.

Colors in vogue

Honey, caramel, milk chocolate … It is not about culinary delights, but of shades of hair. Now the most natural colors are worn in warm shades. If you like blonde, choose a color, sweet, golden or caramel.

You have natural blonde hair? Try a brown open to give you shine and personality. For dark hair, dark chocolate is an ideal choice for redheads too.


Blonde in shades of golden honey or to figure gives a warm tint


For a fresh look and try to fashion a brown open to caramel


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