Lies that make the relationship go!

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The harmony of a couple longer slip from time to time one innocent lie. It is but one word: if the call to lie to avoid hurting your partner, it is already half forgiven. So next time your husband asks you gave precipitate as new curtains or new paltonaş, you can also reduce the numbers of final.Doar not so go check in store!

“You look very well”

Years have passed, concerns have put the romance and magic Skate consolations from the beginning, and his tummy is all rounded. Who likes to hear but how changed from how it was the first meeting? Especially since you do not mind, though it has a charm rounding.

What’s the point to give him water to die when you ask more in play, more seriously, his tummy? “What, are film star? You look great. You ‘would you be thin all my life, as in wedding day? “With such words surely will forget to cry and beauty lost.

“I quite understand your mother”

“I thought you were your mother. I get angry when you talk like her! “Are you known replica, right? You should not tell us how and when you get angry mother, sure of a fairly comprehensive list.

Under no circumstances share him and his, because you risk to remove the time. Can not told her never, but certainly when it still bothers him strung mother’s faults, even though he realizes it …

So next time breathe and count to one hundred (if you must!) When you come to tell some of my mother-in-law. “How was your mother? You also said something? “A decided not suffice this question, instead of stitches to her about it that did not exempted ever.

“Paltonaşul this? N has cost more”

“It cost me nothing.” Repeat your response to this religiosity? Occasions when you drop a little more shopping or you will give children more money than you have set together will be to come.

But do not make a black hole in the family budget! And, to placate him when I walk through stores and buy him something. A sweater or a jacket will be nine
always happy.

All the measure

There are lies that hurt and that, once discovered, can affect a relationship. If it were wrong or did you more time hiding the fact that little is likely to repeat a grade, it is appropriate to have a conversation with him. Together you can figure out how to get out of the impasse.


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