Friday, December 15

Being in a Relationship With a Blues Guitarist

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The Blues.  A music genre with origins in the Deep South and dating back to the 1800’s.  People such as Robert Johnson, Lonnie Johnson, Mance Lipscomb, Son House and Muddy Waters, to name just a few, are true legends of the blues.  Their music is kept alive by musicians today, trying to recreate the sounds and styles of the masters.  If you are in a relationship with one of the modern day bluesmen, be prepared to make some concessions.

Accept the guitar obsession.  Any extra money will go towards the purchase of a new guitar.  If you attempt in any way to hamper this purchase, there will be pouting, moodiness and impatience all day, everyday until there is another guitar in your home.  Don’t fight it, embrace it.

Understand the need to play.  It isn’t merely a desire to play, it’s a need, an addiction.  If you want to go to the movies, or bowling or anything and he wants to play the blues, you have two choices.  Stay home and listen to him play or phone a friend to go with you.  If you insist that he accompany you, there will be pouting, moodiness……well, refer to first paragraph.

Don’t be jealous of the ‘girls’.  Get to know their names.  They do have names.  They are pampered and handled with the delicacy of a Faberge egg.  The ‘girls’ get new strings quite often.  Their temperature is checked regularly.  They’re never in a place that’s too warm or too cold.  If they will be traveling, the utmost care is taken for their safety and comfort.

Compliment the ‘girls’ now and then.  Let them know how pretty they are.  That sort of thing goes a long way.   A man with 11 acoustic guitars is a happy man.   Love it or leave it but don’t try to change it!


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