We broke up! May I give a chance?

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Experts believe that is a good idea to resume the relationship with former boyfriend. Will go even better than before, but there are some rules that would be wrong to follow them with great feeling.

When you hear of couples who have reconciled and come to understand better your pufneşti in laughter? Think about it! If parted ways, means that there were problems, but that they learned of what happened. Also, a short period of separation becomes sudeze some couples, to make them stronger. If you are tempted to resume an old relationship, but you are afraid of a new failure, insecurity and are chasing away the little rules that can help you understand better after reconciliation.

Face your past

First and foremost, to get rid of resentment and to have learned something from the experience you went through both, would be good to have a discussion about what led to your separation. It is an important step that you must do to have a better relationship. Dare to say what an upset. I then propose to do the same and set some rules that yours only to follow. If you do not agree with that always late to meetings, make sure to come to arrive early. Then, if you don ‘t like that is going too far in the city with friends, convince him that he must change somehow work.

Take it easy

Whether you like it or not, none of you is the same and need time to restart a relationship together. Try to see this relationship started as a completely new, even if you are familiar with each other. However much you’d like just a few days of peace embraced spend weekend mornings in bed, as if nothing had happened, it is important to not fall prey to passion and to complete all the steps of an ordinary relationship with a person you do not know too well.

Find youselves

The good part of a separation is that you can analyze the relationship with some detachment. Meet other people, see for yourself if the former partner is not one that you feel better. Then, after reconciliation, both a chance to see your relationship with other eyes and your best to not lose again beloved. The relations between the time taken, avoid going into the details. Focus more on you. Spend as much time together and enjoy each other.


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