How to Create Your Own Website for Free (Even If You Do Not Have Experience)

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How to Create Your Own Website For FREE (Even If You Do Not Have Experience)

Have you always wanted to make your own website but didn’t want to go through the hassles?  Did you know that you can make your own website even without technical knowledge?

After researching for the easiest way to create a quick website, here is what I have found.  I actually tried it out and I can tell you that it works and it’s really cool!

First log into  It is free to join Weebly.  On Weebly you can create a blog or a website for free.  Let’s concentrate on building a website for now.  On your homepage you simply click on “Create a Site”, then you give a title for your website.  Weebly will then ask you to choose your website address.  It is free to have a subdomain of Weebly – for example “”.  If you want you can also register for your own domain, but this is not free.

You will then be taken to the Weebly Editor, which is very user-friendly.  There are beautiful ready made designs that you can choose from, so do not have to do anything from scratch.  You just choose by clicking on the design you want!  It’s really cool.  Then you go into elements and drag whatever you want into your website: text, pictures, and so on.

The coolest part about Weebly is that it gives you the opportunity to earn money from GoogleAdsense.  If you want to include GoogleAdsense into your website then you will need to sign up with GoogleAdsense first (it’s not as complicated as you think!)

When you’re done with your website, simply go to “pages”, save it and hit “publish”.  Your website is done and published instantly!  You can add more pages and even link them together.

Weebly has made it really simple for anyone to create a website.  And they even host it for you for FREE!

Create your own website today and you’ll truly enjoy it!


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