The Safest Holiday Destinations in the World

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The safest place is said to be Singapore because of the lawful inhabitants and the risk of any natural catastrophes is minimal. Just bring plenty of sunscreen and you should be perfectly safe. The inhabitants of Iceland, New Zealand and Switzerland are also said to be extremely lawful and friendly. The nature in all three countries is very impressive but should, according to geologists, not bring on any terrifying disaster surprises and should therefore be perfectly safe to explore if taking care where you put your feet down. Bern, Geneva and Zürich are supposed to be the 3 safest cities in the world.

The safest beaches are found on Cyprus followed by Mauritius.  The Seychelles is relatively safe but the risk of pirates is greater than in Mauritius. Irish people are, contradictory to what media normally brings out, the least violent in Europe. The least violent people in the world and likewise the happiest inhabitants in the world are found in Bhutan. Maybe the happiness stems from the strong Buddhist tradition in Bhutan.

Multicultural areas are often thought to be problematic with crime as a consequence.  Aruba, Bonaire and Curaçao are perfect examples that prejudices could prove to be very wrong. People from all over the world mix in the Caribbean without any complications. In fact, the Caribbean makes it very high on the list of the safest areas in the world.

To make sure that the holiday destination you have in mind is safe to visit, contact your country’s embassy or consulate at the destination before booking your trip. Have a safe holiday!

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