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In my article “Why writers need a website”, I discussed the value a website garners for the freelance writer. Knowing you need a website and building a website are two separate things. Before you begin any computer related endeavor, you should draw out plans.

Some questions you will need to ask yourself are: how much money can I spend on this project, do I have the time to dedicate to creating a website, how will I market my website to obtain a decent page rank and what information should I put on my website. Consider using a website such as Weebly to create your website. You can also create free WordPress Blogs.

The bare minimum you should put on your website would be an “About me” page, a “Portfolio” page and a “Contact” page. This information is vital to giving your viewer/potential client information about you, where you have been published and how to get in touch with you.

From here, you can become more complex in your website building. Some ideas you may consider would be integrating PayPal into your website and selling your work directly from your site. You may want to consider starting a blog. This updates your site regularly and builds a potential viewer base. Online content writers should create links on their website to their various portfolio/profile pages and content (Associated Content, eHow, Bukisa, etc).

An important thing to remember when designing a website is to create a contact page form. Simply typing in your email address into the website will invite spam. Instead, create a form that will automatically forward the information to your email. In addition, keep personal information off the internet.

Some writers simply don’t have the time to develop and publish a website. This job can be outsourced to other people on websites such as eLance, Guru and oDesk. Just a tip to remember, you get what you pay for.


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