Why Writers Need a Website

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A website is becoming a necessity for the freelance writer. The emergence of the internet has forever changed the writing/publishing landscape. Where traditional publishers and query letters used to exist; now there are print on demand publishers and pay per click online content writing. In order to reach the largest audience, writers need to be versatile in their marketing abilities. One tool to utilize is a website.

The question becomes: Why do writers need a website?

For the freelance writer, the ability to get jobs is based on past performance. A website gives the freelance writer the advantage of maintaining a virtual portfolio for potential clients to view at all times. People who utilize online content writing (pay per click) websites benefit from a website as well. This website will generate back links to their articles as well as connect readers to their work on other websites. In addition, a website offers the convenience of being a contact method to reach the writer. This is particularly useful for potential clients to offer work.

Published novelists will benefit from maintaining a website as a way to market their published works. Individuals who have chosen the self publishing route understand that marketing their product is vital to their success. A website will provide an additional platform to promote your book.

In order to achieve the maximum benefit of maintaining your own website, you will need to become familiar with SEO techniques. These techniques include items such as keyword stuffing and back links. It’s important to note that keyword stuffing should be kept to a minimum and only utilized in a way where the flow of the words remains natural. Before you publish something to your website, you should read it out loud. Sentences that sound like spam usually are.

Writers need to understand that everything is moving towards electronics. The rise of the e-book and online content writing is not a trend to be ignored. A virtual presence on the internet is a necessity for any writer to achieve success.


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