Review: Write Great Fiction – Plot and Structure by James Scott Bell

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In “Write Great Fiction – Plot & Structure”, James Scott Bell provides an excellent resource for the creation of plot elements. Mr. Bell provides a detailed explanation of what plot is and the details that form a plot as a whole. Mr. Bell employs the LOCK statement technique. This technique stands for Lead, Observation, Conflict and Knockout.

This book will provide you with a detailed run down of the three act structure and each of the elements that composes it. These elements include detailing the doorways of act one and act three as well as the disturbance in act one. He provides instruction on how to effectively use these elements in your own work. Using this structure in addition to the LOCK statement is an effective way to get your plot development back on track.

Mr. Bell also describes the character arc of a story. The character arc is a description of what happens to the inside of the character over the course of the plot. He explains what a plot formula is and why it is still a good tool to utilize when crafting your story. This book provides tips on how to fix plot blunders and to get your failing plotline back on track. The checklist provided at the back of the book is a resource a writer at any stage of their career could use.

With all these details, Mr. Bell’s book “Write Great Fiction – Plot & Structure” excels in its intended purpose. He exceeds his goal of describing the elements of plot and teaching his readers how to employ his techniques in their own craft.


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