How to Write a Review of a Non-Fiction Book

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Nonfiction works come in varying topics and formats.  Similar to the way you review a fiction work, ask yourself “What am I looking for in this book”.  Non-fiction works are written to impart some information or knowledge to the reader based on fact.  Nonfiction works typically will have some sort of citable references.  The author will have some or experience or expertise in the topic.  A non-fiction work should be accurate, on topic, and the author should cite their references.  Does the book meet these requirements?

1)            Write out the purpose of the book.  What is the topic?  How broad is the topic?  How specific is the topic?  Does the author stay on topic or branch off into other topics?

2)            Write about the accuracy of the book.  Does the author cite credible sources?  Does the author have experience or education in that particular topic?  Does the author give opinion disguised as fact or distort the facts to fit his opinion?

3)            Write out the tone of the book.  Did the author use humorous tones to entertain while reading?  Is this a strictly informative work? Did the tone of the book sufficiently match the topic of the non-fiction work?

4)            Write out your opinion of the book.  Did the author achieve the objective you were looking for?  Did he provide sufficient detail or simply present a broad overview of the topic at hand? Was the information accurate?  Would you look forward to reading future works by this author? Did the author present visually appealing photos or graphics (if applicable)?


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