Which now living king has the biggest castle?

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Can you guess?

The answer is…

 File:Carl XVI Gustaf.jpg

…the King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustav.

The King of Sweden Carl XVI Gustav has a huge castle which is still in use.

The Royal Palace of Stockholm contains 608 rooms over 7 floors and it is the biggest castle in the world still actively used by a head of state. The palace is situated in central Stockholm beautifully surrounded by the waters of Lake Mälaren and only short walk from the Old Town. 

On the same site was once a mid 13th century medieval castle which burned down in 1697. In the same year the construction of a new palace began but it would take another 57 years before it was finished in 1754. The architect Nicodemus Tessin the Younger died in 1728 and never got to see his creation in a finished state.  

At the time of the construction it was the largest building structure in Europe.  It was very impressive then and it is still very impressive, not only because of its size but also due to the magnificent interiors. Today the Royal Palace houses The State Apartments, The Hall of State,  The Apartments of the Orders of Chivalry, the Museum of Antiquities and Tre Kronor Museum where the remnants of the medieval castle can be seen.

If in Stockholm, make sure to visit the Royal Castle and the Old Town which is just nearby the castle. It is a very impressive part of Stockholm and a walk around that area will most likely be a most memorable visit.


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