Poor peripheral circulation?How to deal with!

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Whatever the temperature outside, hands and feet are always cold. No doubt, this is a sign of problems with peripheral circulation. You can escape the unpleasantness by calling a few solutions at hand.
Millions of people worldwide are suffering from peripheral circulatory failure. This problem occurs only at the extremities, but also affects the proper functioning of the brain and vital organs (heart, liver and kidney).
So if you’re dealing with headaches, dizziness, if you find that you are swell and that your hands and feet numbness or that you have appeared signs that varices are of poor peripheral circulation. Complications of this problem (heart attack or atherosclerosis) should not be ignored and that is precisely why we should take measures in time.

Make your daily requirement of magnesium

To avoid complications, poor peripheral circulation, you make sure you complete the daily intake of magnesium. This mineral helps the proper functioning of the nervous system, improves mental capacity, prevents atherosclerosis and myocardial miocadic.
The best sources of magnesium are wheat seeds, hazelnuts, almonds, soybeans, vegetables, apples and bananas. But you can provide the necessary nutritional supplements with magnesium and magnesium. Experts have notted that the effects of magnesium increase when administered in combination with ginkgo biloba. This plant has a vasodilator effect, stimulating blood circulation.

Avoid physical inactivity and smoking

Smoking affects blood vessel elasticity and thus a smooth flow of blood. It is therefore advisable to give up the addiction. Also, you should do daily movement, alternative hot-cold baths and gentle massage to the muscles and tendons also contribute to combating poor peripheral circulation.

Detected because

The first thing you must do when they have symptoms of poor peripheral circulation is to consult your doctor to rule out any heart disease or an inflammatory disease of the blood vessels. It would you recommend and medical investigations to test thyroid function, the liver or the kidney.

Doctors recomand.

People with poor peripheral circulation were almost constant feeling of cold hands and feet, sometimes occurring and pain, numbness and edema in the feet and palms. To improve these problems, besides drug therapy, are useful measures such as hot-cold shower, because maintaining vascular wall elasticity, and wear comfortable shoes with a heel not too high up to 5 cm.


Avoid heading “legs” and do as much movement.


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