How to Flush Your Toilet Properly

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I hope you already have a low-flush or dual flash toilet that uses only 1.6 gal or less per flush. If not, it is time to change the old toilets. New toilets are inexpensive; you can buy a decent low-flush, one or two piece toilet for $150 and up. Also, changing toilet is not that difficult, almost anyone can do it.

When flushing, press the lever firmly, all the way down, as for as it goes for 3 to 5 seconds. Otherwise the flushing mechanism may not work properly. But don’t hold it too long, that will waste water.

Some people who have older toilets with 3.5 gal or 5.0 gal per flush put bricks or bottles with water inside the tank to reduce water consumption. It is true, adding brick/s or bottles with water will reduce the water consumption, but the toilet may not flush properly because it was designed for certain amount of water per flush. So, you may need to flush twice and it defeats the whole purpose.

No matter what toilet you have, make sure that the water level is within 1/2″ from the top of the overflow. Make sure that the seal is in good condition so water is not running constantly.
Now-days, there are dual flush toilets available on the market. This means that you can select the amount of water and use small flush for “small” business and large flash for everything else 🙂

Don’t overburden your toilet with excessive amounts of paper, you may get it clogged.

So, use your toilet properly and save water.


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