Thirst By Pyotyr Kurtinski. Book Review

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                I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know a lot about this author, other than after reading Thirst, it left me wanting more. Even though this book was published in the mid 90’s it’s refreshing to pick something up that doesn’t have another word for evening, or nightfall plastered all over the front cover. No soppy love story here I’m afraid.

 This amusing tale revolves around William Van Diemen, who in 1799, at the age of 23 was guided to bed by a beautiful woman and is subsequently turned into a vampire.(218 years later) All Van Diemen wants’ is to be left alone, and to a point he is. His nightly flights to feed go uninterrupted, but it’s the days that seem to be causing a problem that’s ever increasing.

 The house in which Van Dieman lives is of high esteem  and draws the attention of some unsavoury characters, which set in motion a battle of whits between the undead and his living foes. There is room for romance in this vampire’s life, and it fits in nicely with the story. (Enough said for those without a romantic bone in their bodies) In many movies and books alike I think that until recently vampires have been shown in a negative light, we see hunters filling vials with holy water,slotting sharpened stakes into over crowded belts, but with this book, that displays the usual neck biting, draining of blood and the unnecessary taking of life, I think that anyone who has the pleasure of reading it will be surprised at who they end up cheering for.


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