The Ladykiller By Martina Cole. Book Review.

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Martina Cole has been an Author who’s work I’ve admired since reading this her first book. She has a gritty raw way of writing thats not seen in to many writers today. Please don’t think that im being biased but i do give credit were it’s due. As with a lot of books that I read you find that the author wants to say something fitting for the scene but ends up toning it down for fear of maybe upsetting people, which I think is a shame. When someone goes out to buy a book the short synopsis on the back cover should be what makes them walk to the counter and buy it, but as I’ve experienced in the past after finishing a book that started with such promise, its ending has left me feeling let down and dejected. After reading the Ladykiller no such feelings surfaced. George Markham, who’s introduced from the very first page,is someone we just would’nt want to meet. In fact, this is a man who could be living next door to anyone of us, and could literally pass him, saying hello every day in the street. His wife Elaine is a woman that likes everything in place, and could indirectly be partly to blame for him being how he is, but on the other hand being a long suffering husband is no excuse for the things he gets up to. This book is scary, this book is close to home and it makes you think twice about saying hello to that friendly neighbour in the street.


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