Homosexuality is against the law and punishable by death in some countries. Should these countries have the right to enact these laws?

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Depending on where you are in the world, you will see differences in opinions in regard to homosexuality. Take a stroll through Sydney, along with many other cities throughout the world at certain times of the year, and you will find yourself having a gay old time, alongside homosexuals who are celebrating their sexuality. In contrast, seven years ago, if you were to witness the same open celebration of homosexuality in no fewer than eighty countries, the chances are that the celebrations would be cut short because homosexuality is illegal in those countries. Moreover, not only was it, and most probably still is, illegal in those countries, but the crime was punishable by death. Seven years is not a long time and changes towards how people perceive those who supposedly defy conventions occur over generations. Are those who partake in this hatemongery justified? To answer this question it is first necessary to look at how and why these countries came to be against homosexuality, and also look at what would be gained from either keeping or removing the current laws.

When one looks at a man and a woman, it is evident that sex is essential, and natural, otherwise we would be unable to procreate. Homophobes often use this point when trying to condemn same sex partnerships. However, there are plenty of people of opposite sex in this world who live together, share their time together, love each other, and fuck each other, without dreaming of having children. Some people hate kids, but love sex. If the entire population was inclined to like the same sex then mankind would be up shit creek, but as it is with the world’s population increasing exponentially, it just may be a blessing to have people getting it on and not adding to the imminent problems of overpopulation.

Some may say that it is unnatural, and against religious teachings. Taking this into consideration it can be assumed that homosexuals believe that how they feel is natural and that it does not affect their religious beliefs, if they so choose to have any. Furthermore, when regarding nature it must be taken into consideration that birds, bees, and even educated fleas do it. Perhaps homosexuals should not be made to feel like the black sheep of society; according to Roselli, Charles E.; Kay Larkin, Et Al. (2004):

Approximately 8% of rams exhibit sexual preferences [that is, even when given a choice]for male partners (male-oriented rams) in contrast to most rams, which prefer female partners (female-oriented rams). (Roselli, Charles E.; Kay Larkin, Et Al. 2004)

Finally, the consequences of either keeping the law as it is or abolishing it need to be considered. If the countries that are homophobic continue to persecute homosexuals, the majority of the world who do not see a problem with homosexuality may start to apply pressure on the countries and force them to change their policies. Furthermore, and perhaps the most important aspect of this topic, people are going to continue to die. Whether they have a right to be gay or lesbian is irrelevant because they surely have a right to live, don’t they? If countries change their policies, acceptance of diversity will increase, which is perhaps beneficial for all. Also people will live without fear of death looming over them.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that countries such as Yemen, Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, and Sudan should not be able to enact these laws. Homosexuality has been around since the birth of civilization and can be found in both Eastern and Western philosophy. Furthermore, it can be found display in various species of animal, which in my mind proves that it is a natural act. I do not believe that a person chooses to be gay and in the battle between nature and nurture, homosexuality is very probable something that you are born with and not something that you acquire. Not only should these countries not be allowed to adopt this stance, but I also think that all countries in which it is illegal should change their policies so that closet homosexuals can come out without feeling the threats of persecution and death. As an aside I would like to mention that there are some countries in which male homosexuality is illegal, whereas female homosexuality is not. In these countries, there is no valid argument for condemning homosexuality because they also hypocritically condone it.


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