Should Marijuana Be Legalized?

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People have been smoking marijuana for a long lone, time for recreational, spiritual, religious, and aesthetic purposes, and there are still many criminals out there who partake in the usage of cannabis despite the fact that it is illegal in most countries. Queen Victoria, Van Gogh, Winston Churchill, Sigmund Freud, William Shakespeare, and Lord Byron used to get high, if the Internet is anything to go by. But regardless of who used to smoke it or not, the issue at hand is with those in the present day and age who have to conceal the ‘heinous’ crime that they commit for fear that they may be persecuted and stoned. This is outright wrong and it is painstakingly obvious and high time that cannabis should be legalized. For a start, it should have never have been made illegal. Moreover, this prolonged pot prohibition has done nothing but cause problems for both tokers and non-tokers. What’s more is that when you compare cannabis to other drugs that are legal it becomes idiotically stupid and asininely illogical.

As far as drugs are concerned, cannabis is definitely seen as one of the good guys. If you were to personify him he would be the friendly, peace loving, violence abhorring, designated driver who you could always rely on to keep a smile on your face and send you safely to your door. This is not how everyone envisages cannabis. In fact, in 1930s America, in something that is akin to the witch hunts of the renaissance, cannabis did something wrong and governmental opinion shifted towards making it illegal. There is no clear answer to why this happened, but it can be safe to say that it should not have happened, and the new brush that it was tarred with was unjustified. For example, the propaganda in the US in the 1930s depicted cannabis consumers as callous crooked cretins who wanted to ravage and rape your daughters. Does this sound like your average pothead?

Unfortunately, it is illegal to smoke weed and this has led to nothing but problems for both those that smoke it and those that do not. There are currently many people imprisoned just because they smoked a little greenery and were caught. Just because it is a crime, these people, who could otherwise be going about their business doing their upmost to be good citizens and contribute to society, are locked in cages, forged from taxpayers toil, and fed from the fists of the free. Would it not be better to save all the unnecessary money that is wasted to arrest and hold those that are incarcerated because ganja is illegal? Would it not be better to free up valuable police time so they can catch credible crooks?

Sadly, ‘the herb’ is still illegal. Alcohol is not. Cigarettes are not. When you compare the three drugs it does not make one iota of sense that it is illegal. It is not the villain that it was made out to be and when compared to alcohol it comes across as positively saintly. Alcohol is known to ruin families, cause death to those that imbibe and death to innocents that die when those that imbibe drive. One of the so-called strongest arguments that anti-marijuana activists have in their arsenal is the Gateway drug theory. This is when it is claimed that by taking marijuana for the first time, users will then seek harder drugs such as heroin and crack. Is it not funny that they never use this theory in relation to cigarettes? Is it not at least a little bit weird that the Gateway drug theory has never been applied to alcohol. Are the other two drugs heavily taxed?

It is evident that Mary Jane should be legalized because it should have never been made illegal in the first place. Also, by legalizing it both users and non-users would benefit socially and economically. Finally, when compared to other drugs it doesn’t seem right that marijuana is illegal and that the Gateway theory is not a valid argument. In conclusion, to say that marijuana, or any other drug that is used recreationally, is harmless would be a lie. However, the majority of people who take marijuana do not harm anyone except themselves so, in the words of McCartney, let it be.


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