How to Get Your Crush to Ask You Out on a Date

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Having a crush on a person who doesn’t know how you feel, or worse doesn’t know that you exist, can be a harsh reality.  Its not as hard as it seems though to get noticed.

First thing you have to do is make sure that you are happy with yourself.  Lack of confidence is a big turn off to most people and without confidence in yourself, you will get nowhere.  Be comfortable and happy with who you are, but be careful not to let confidence turn into arrogance.  Feeling good about yourself will show in your appearance and you will carry yourself in a way that will get you noticed more than if you were self-conscious about everything.

You want to get noticed, but don’t try too hard.  Being noticed in a bad way is worse than not getting noticed by your crush at all.  People can usually tell when you are being fake, so just be yourself and don’t go out of your way to impress somebody.  Figure out your shared interests but don’t pretend to be into something if you hate it.

Make eye contact.  If you don’t know your crush personally, this is very important to make him or her begin to take interest in you.  Hold the eye contact and smile, but be sure not to hold it so long that you are staring creepily.  Glance back and then look away, all with a smile on your face.  If you know your crush, hold the eye contact long enough to let him know that you are possibly interested.  You will be able to tell by his reaction if he is uncomfortable or not with the idea.

If you do not know your crush, then try to make small talk with him if possible.  If you do know your crush, invite him or her on a group date to spend enough time with him as possible.


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