How to use your iPhone to save money shopping.

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If you like to shop, or even if you just like to get the best deals possible for what you are shopping for, then the iPhone is like a personal assistant on steroids, yet you still have to do the footwork.  Or, at least sign for the packages as they arrive at your door.  When browsing the applications (apps) available for your iPhone and what they can do, you will soon realize how to use your iPhone to save money.

Whether shopping for an all-inclusive tropical getaway or the cheapest nearby motel, a new home or investment property, gadgets, clothes, groceries and electronics, the iPhone will help you save money.  You can take a picture of the item you want to buy, or scan it’s barcode using your iPhone, and you will be presented with every place that sells the exact same thing, the prices from lowest to highest, and their locations overlaid on a map, or even on Google Street View.  The GoogleShopper app will calculate savings, and include estimate times between places, in order to decide if the savings is worth the time spent.

Another amazing thing that GoogleShopper does to help you save money while shopping is that you can take a picture of something, or a snippet of a song, and you will be told what it is, where to buy it, and what to expect to pay for it.  Like the ads say, there really is an app for everything.

AmazonMobile is an app that compares prices for you, showing you where the best deals are, whether from within your prescribed distance or online.  You can tag your favorite stores, and have instant messages when items you flag go on sale, or whenever they have a sale.  AmazonMobile is about a lot more than books these days.

EBayMobile is a great app for those who want the absolute best deal, and don’t mind waiting for it.  It may take a lot longer to actually receive your desired items, but you can bet that you will pay a lot less than at any store.  Items are usually gifts unwanted, products purchased in bulk, and things people have upgraded on.  Using the Ebay purchasing system, you are guaranteed to get what you paid for, or your money back.

No matter what you are shopping for, nor where you are, how to save money while using your iPhone is by downloading and running the apps that will help you save money while shopping.  Browse the App Store by category, selecting “shopping” as your category.  You will be amazed at the number of apps meant to save you money, what they can do, and that most of them are free.

Shop smart.  Shop informed.  IPhone apps will help you to do both.


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