Super tips for maximum training energy

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How do you keep your energy to maximum levels ? Well, like in every other part of successful weight training, the secret is taking good care of the three aspects of sport life : diet, recovery and training. Let’s take them one by one.


If you want to always have energy, you got to be careful not only eating food that gives you energy, but avoiding food that decreases your energy levels.

In the first category, your diet shouldn’t miss good quality complex carbohydrates. That’s because complex carbohydrates, unlike the simple ones, enter your system gradually and give you constant energy. Also, used wisely, they don’t affect the insulin levels the way sweets do. What’s good for your energy level ? Well, my personal favorite is oat. Oat flakes mixed with milk, yogurt or any other product always boosted my energy levels. Wheat is also good. Flakes or boiled, remember. You shouldn’t forget rice and you should go for the brown one, with a lower glycemic level. What else doesn’t fail in making me feel more energetic ? Pastas.

Add vegetables rich in carbohydrates and vegetal fiber to your diet. Eat fruits, but don’t go to often for the sweet ones.

What to avoid ? Heavy meals and junk food. Alcohol and drugs, as well.


You can’t complain here – you have plenty of choices when it comes to dietary supplements. The most popular are the products that contain caffeine. For many, including myself, caffeine is one of the most effective things I’ve tried in giving me a higher energy level. Of course, you don’t have to take a supplement if you need caffeine. No-sugar coffee helps as well.

But is coffee the most effective ? I don’t think so. For me, the best thing you can take is creatine. That’s because that’s exactly what creatine does, in its natural state inside your body. It supplies muscle with energy. This product, when properly used, helps you train harder, lift heavier weights and considerably increasing your resistance. Maybe as important as those things is the fact that creatine reduces time you use for recovery. You’ll have more days in which your body could feel relaxed and replenish its energy reserves.

Another good supplement is glutamine. This non-essential amino acid doesn’t give you the same instant energy creatine does in the short term, but it could help as much in the long term, because its most important quality is that it accelerates the recovery after training.

Tribulus terrestris, ginseng or the amino acid called arginine will also help, due to the fact they help your body increase testosterone levels.

I intentionally left behind a special one. It’s another amino acid, called tyrosine. Fro me, that’s important because it help with one of the most important parts of energy level. That’s the mood for sport training. By taking tyrosine, you’ll fell more concentrated and more willing to engage in another training session, even when you are a bit tired.

Don’t forget a good vitamins and minerals supplement.


Two things you should remember here. One – you should get enough sleep at night. A half an hour after lunch will also help. Two – don’t train too long, for too many days a week and with too much intensity. That’s overtraining and it affects your progress, your health and especially you energy levels. How much training means overtraining ? That depends, but most people should try not to train for more than 4, maximum 5 days a week, and more than an hour and a half per session. And don’t train like you’re Arnold Schwarzenegger, ok ?

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