Holy crap you have an hour and a half commute?! Some help for you.

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If possible have a decent car to commute with. If you are spending 2+ hours a day on the road you owe it to yourself to have a decent space to spend that time in. Saying this a decent car is not always feasible. However, if your car is limping along it is unlikely to do the two hours a day for very long anyway.

Get a fuel efficient car. I used to spend the equivalent to some peoples mortgage payment on gas every month. And that was before 4 dollar gas. Fuel costs have become increasingly volatile in recent years. Even if the cost of gas goes down it is likely to go up again long term. Driving a suburban to the office is not smart generally. On a commute it’s just flat out stupid.

Get satellite radio. I have found that satellite radio adds a great deal to a drive. The quality of the programming is much higher than broadcast radio. There are better choices too. Where you might have 2-3 talk radio choices on regular radio, you have 15+ to choose from on satellite. Plus the music stations are much more interesting and don’t have commercials.

Don’t get in the habit of eating fast food. People with long commutes are much more likely to be overweight. Most of us have to fight “office butt.” Don’t compound it with “commuter butt.”

Don’t let the traffic get you down. This is practically impossible, but do your best. Over the years I did my hour plus commute I developed a chronic case of low grade road rage. I know that it affected me and my relationships. Fight the tendency to become pissed and angry.

Imagine if people weren’t angry all the time. If all else fails, move. That’s what I did. I left the insanity of the Washington DC suburbs for a nice 15 minute commute in a small town. And you know what? I’m way less angry.

If you are able to do this, and most can’t I understand, do it. You will have more time and lower blood pressure


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